In the first phase after the earthquake of 1979 numerous studies and plans were done by financial means through the Institute for Restoration of Dubrovnik. The very active period of renewal and revitalization of the historic centre was based on the systematic analysis of the City within the walls through different competent domains that are important for each monument and the City as a whole.

The aim was to revitalize City functions and repair the infrastructure through constructive renovation of damaged buildings by the earthquake. It was done Sociological study for the City as well as Sociological functional study for the historic zone Pile – Ploče – St.Jakov and Study for fire protection. Two implemented plans (of the historic centre and surrounding areas-historic units) were financed. Preliminary and Main projects of waterworks and sewage system for the historic centre were done, then Project for public lighting, Project of management with cultural heritage and a Study-book of ownership, economic assessment of business spaces in the City were done, too.

The Institute for Restoration of Dubrovnik organized implementation of three competitions: for urban and architectural solution of construction at Pustijerna, for urban arranging of contact areas Pile and Ploče and for the preliminary architectural solution of Revelin fortress. Beside constructive renovation of the earthquake's damaged objects many research works were done on stability of existing construction. On the basis of implemented geo-mechanical, geophysical and geotechnical researches A map of detailed seismic micro-region was elaborated as well as Seismic parameters and criteria for renovation and strengthening of structures.

After the Homeland war the following study-books were done:

Essentials of information system of the historic centre of Dubrovnik, Analytic and parametric study of buildings' behaviour during earthquake's activity, Register of damages on roofs as well as detailed researches of physical and mechanical characteristics by non-destructive methods for 4 palaces burnt in the war that resulted with separate study-book for each palace. Professionals of the Institute for Restoration of Dubrovnik and authors of particular studies presented their experiences at several domestic and international professional conferences.