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Cultural and historic research works

After first ten renovated priority objects after the earthquake of 1979, it was established a model of executing preparatory works for renovation of individual monuments. It was realized through the Expert Advisory Board and on the basis of acquired experiences. Architectural survey of the existing state is the initial phase in the further execution of essential cultural and historic documentation..
DugiOPIS This phase contains the state and elaboration of archive researches as well as further review of the objects. In this phase conservation directions are given for obliged sounding researches in the object and for archaeological researches in the monument and around it. These preliminary conservation study-books were done for all objects and City regions from the restoration programme till 1990 as well as sounding researches in the object. During preparatory constructive works the necessary archaeological researches were also made as renovation in the zone of foundations caused affection of the structure where remains of earlier phases of the City's construction were placed. Reports of those researches have been filed for each object individually. Archaeological research works have been specially documented: in the park of elementary school, in Pustijerna and at the south-west part of the City. The authorized conservation service is the most competent for monitoring archaeological researches and assessment of their value in completion the understanding of multi-layers of the City. They were present as the institution and their experts individually, too.

There are 57 conservation study-books filed in the Institute for Restoration of Dubrovnik, done according to the restoration programme of cultural heritage for the historic centre and the wider area after the earthquake.