Archive of the Institute for Restoration of Dubrovnik
Archive of the Institute for Restoration of Dubrovnik

In the Institute's archive there are many activities with the purpose of keeping, protection and processing, recording and managing with archival and registered material, documentation and informative resources of the architectural renovation of Dubrovnik.

Copies of the plans and other material are being done for the needs of citizens, students, experts and other institutions; documentation is also lent (system of receipt).

Total quantity of the archival and registered material in the Institute is 301 linear metres (the state in November 2009) in which 185 liner metres belong to technical documentation.

The storerooms of the material are two rooms with technical documentation, the archive with financial documentation and the archive of matrices. They are protected by contemporary fire-alarm system and turning the fire off by gas FM-200. Technical documentation is structured in the system of content-related units, files of objects and urban blocks as well as files with various professional topics (320 semantic packages in total).

Digital architectural surveys, projects, photographs, electronic records and other digital entries are kept at several places in the Institute. In the matrices' archive there are architectural surveys of the existing state of buildings that belong to the cultural heritage of Dubrovnik and its region; they are arranged in 175 content-related units by objects and blocks of buildings. In 50 drawers by maps 7589 sheets of designs are filed (the state in January 2010).

The microfilms are also filed here (In the year 1999 most of the architectural surveys were microfilmed) as well as the separated conservators' surveys.