Expert Advisory Board

Due to specific and complex works on the restoration of monuments and for solving the professional issues, the Institute has the Expert Advisory Board for restoration of Dubrovnik. Its members are appointed by Managing Board of the Institute for Restoration of Dubrovnik and they are experts on cultural heritage and representatives of Ministry of culture, Ministry for protection the environment and architecture, City of Dubrovnik, Croatian Chamber of architects and engineers and Croatian Conservators' Society.

Expert Advisory Commission actually started with its work in 1984 and it worked in the interdisciplinary group of experts from the whole former state.

Till March 1991 the Commission held 59 sessions and considered 118 projects, some of them reviewing several times in various phases through a longer period of time. From the beginning of September 1992 the Commission worked as a new team consisting of Croatian professionals and international experts who played an important role in defining the methodology and restoration of the war-damaged monuments. It held 19 sessions together with the international members.

Pursuant to alterations and amendments of the Law for restoration of endangered historic centre of Dubrovnik the Commission got a new title – the Expert Advisory Board for restoration of Dubrovnik in 2000. It was appointed by the Managing Board of the Institute for Restoration of Dubrovnik and consists of national experts.

The Expert Advisory Board is the interdisciplinary team of experts who participate in the renovation process of Dubrovnik for 27 years mainly without compensation. During their work with changes in team and title, the Board considers in various phases all most significant projects connected to the restoration of the historic centre of Dubrovnik and restoration of single valuable cultural assets from the wider region. Their opinion, though no compulsory is respected in bringing the decisions of the authorized conservators. As in the historic centre of Dubrovnik, apart from the projects of the Programme of the Institute for Restoration of Dubrovnik, there are programmes realized by private investors, state administration, agencies and the City of Dubrovnik, the authorized conservators' team estimate which projects should be considered by the Board, too.

Long-lasting continuous presence of wider range of eminent experts in the restoration of Dubrovnik was a stimulating factor to all and particularly to the experts who participated in he restoration. Apart from the specific projects the Board was considering various other professional topics and it was a significant contribution to the conservation approach and methodology. Many experts were additionally educated and trained through their engagement on restoration process in Dubrovnik.

Miljenko Domijan has been a member of the Expert Advisory Board for restoration of Dubrovnik since 1988. In 1992 on proposal of the Board for Restoration of Dubrovnik of the Croatian Parliament he was appointed the President of the Board by the Assembly of the Commune of Dubrovnik.

Travelling and accommodation costs as well as the technical support of the work of the Board are financed from the Institute unless the topics are the objects from the Restoration programme.

Actual members of the Board:

- Prof. Miljenko Domijan, president,
- Academician Igor Fisković,
- Prof. Ferdinand Meder,
- Academician Vladimir Marković,
- Architect Egon Lokošek,
- Prof. Domagoj Perkić,
- Engineer Mirko Orešković,
- Ph.D. Prof. Mladen Šćitaroci.