Church of St.Blaise
Church of St.Blaise

Duration of works: 1997.-1999.
Cost: 121.190,03 US $

Contractor: “Građevinar-Quelin”
Design made by: Egon Lokošek, arch.,Hrvoje Malinar, HRZ, Zagreb (restoration of statues), Josip Velnić, dipl.inž.arh., HRZ

The work of Marino Gropelli, who lived in Dubrovnik from 1706 to 1715, the Baroque Church of St. Blaise, patron saint of the city of Dubrovnik, was built on the site of the ancient Gothic church. Its plan in the form of an inscribed Greek cross is mounted by a dome.

The gifts of the architect and sculptor are nowhere more in evidence than on the main front with its four Corinthian columns, sculpture and lavish decoration. With its tiered base and balustraded steps, the Church of St. Blaise dominates the surrounding area.

The front of the Church received five direct hits and the contemporary stained glass windows by Ivo Dulcic were badly damaged.

The Church have been partly restored (statues of Faith, Hope ant St. Blaise, front inlet, balustrade, stained-glass), with funds from the state budget and donations:

- The International Trust for Croatian Monuments, GB (statues of Faith, Hope ant St. Blaise)

- The city of Rueil-Malmaison, France (front inlet)

- Emigrants from Stockton, California, U.S.A. (stone for front inlet)

- Catholics from U.S.A. and Canada

- Ivo Vojvodić, Zagreb, Croatia (balustrade)


Severely damaged corners of the cornices have been consolidated.


The documentation for a complete consolidation of the fronts have been prepared, including the architectural and pfotogrammetric survay of the Church with all details. These works were financed from the funds of the state budget.