The church of St.Ignatius
The church of St.Ignatius

Area: 798 m2
Duration of works: 1996.- 1999.
Cost: 450.807 US $

Design made by: Nedjeljka Bobanović, arch.. (restoration of stone cross )
Contractor: GP “Dubrovnik”

The large Baroque church of St.Ignatius dominates in the eastern part of the historic centre of Dubrovnik. It was built according to the design of the Roman architect Andria Pozzo on the model of the Roman church of St.Ignatius in the period from 1699 till 1725. It has richly decorated interior and sanctuary painted with frescoes but the facade is also decorated by stone ornaments. The church and the large square in front are one the favourite places of the Dubrovnik's residents.

The richly decorated facade shows severe damages partly from weathering and partly from the war bombardment of Dubrovnik.

During the roofs' renovation in 1995-1996 the roof of the church was completely renovated from the war damages.

In the period from 1997 till 2005 the Institute for Restoration of Dubrovnik was engaged on the restoration of the main facade and a lot of works were performed; dismantling of stone decorative torches from the facade's gable and placing the new ones, reconstruction and putting up a large stone cross according to the archival data. The cross got the lightning-conductor installation, the facade was completely washed and cleaned, the old iron cramps were replaced by new inox elements. Pointing of vertical and horizontal joints of the cornice as well as restoration of many damaged stone ornaments of the windows and niches were also performed.