The Franciscan Monastery
The Franciscan Monastery

Contractor: “Građevinar-Quelin”, Dubrovnik
Cost: 114.389,17 US $

Building of the Franciscan Monastery and Church commenced in 1317. A few years later the Monastey had its own pharmacy, today one of the oldst in Europe. The large Church with its single nave and discreet apse owes its Baroque character to the rebuilding work carried out following the earthquake of 1667. On the north side of the Church stands the Romanesque-Gothic cloister, one of the most beautiful in all Croatia. Completed in 1348, it was built by Master Mihoje Brajkov. The sacristy and chaptr house were erected towards the end of the 15th century, while the start of the 17th century saw the addition to the west wing of a second floor which houses one of the most highly reputed libreries on the Dalmatian coast. Construction of the bell-tower commenced in the first half of the 14th century and was completed towards the middle of the following century; it was rebuilt at the close of the 17th century and strengthened following the earthquake in 1979.

This very fine architectural ensemble was hit by 37 shells, one of which pierced the tower dome. Several other shells severely damaged and partly destroyed the Gothic balustrade of the cloister terrace.

Part of the works was financed with funds from the state budget and donations:
- The International Trust for Croatian Monuments, GB
- Church organization from Vienna, Austria
- City of Matera, Italy
- GP Dubrovnik, Croatia
- Italia Nostra, Italy
- Privredna banka Zagreb, Croatia
- Vijadukt Zagreb, Croatia

The complete restoration of the Monastery is in course, financed from the state budget and the World Bank for Reconstruction and Development.