Renovation of the church of the Holy Cross at Kono
Renovation of the church of the Holy Cross at Kono

Works on renovation of the church of the Holy Cross started at the end of October 2009 and the time limit for completing the works was 23rd December 2009. The works were done according to the Costs estimate done on the basis of the preliminary project and approved by the authorized Conservation Department, Class UP/I-361-03/08-01/78, 2117/01-15-09-37 of 26th August 2009 and the main project, both executed by the firm Omega engineering d.o.o.

Due to bad weather conditions and specific characteristics of the works on restoration of wooden parts, the time limit for completing the works was prolonged to July 2010. The prolongation of terms was requested from the Investor by the Contractor on 22nd December 2009 and 26th April 2010. It was permitted by the Supervisor and registered in the Builder's diary.

The expert supervision of the works in the I phase was done by the firm Omega engineering d.o.o. for a period of 120 days.

The I phase included most of the construction renewal (demolition works and dismantling, concrete and reinforced concrete works, mason and finishing mason's works, insulation, carpenter, tinsmith, covering, stonemason and restoration works).

The protective foil, which was put as a measure of urgent intervention, was removed. The painted roof beams were removed and restored before their new placing up, the tops of stone walls were rebuilt and prepared for mounting the timber roof construction. Above the space of "Curate's house" the reinforced ring beam was done. The stone canals were removed and put back again after repairs and humidity insulation. A new timber roof construction was put above the narthex and the residential part. The restored wooden material was used above the church, except for three beams (invisible after the works were finished) that were too damaged for restoration. The final decision of the restoration method was brought after the tests were made for percentage of humidity in the wooden beams of the roof construction by the firm D&Z d.o.o. A board formwork was done at all roof frames as well as humidity insulation and laths for the roof covering with kupa kanalica.

The recent wooden stairs, which led from the church's eastern isle to the floor of "Curate's house", were also removed. The opening in the stone wall was immured. The masonry of the church was grouted. The western facade was cleaned and the drainage was made and the bound rebuilt on the border to the neighbouring plot. Preslica and the bell were restored and put back.

In August and September 2010 the renovation works continued in term of the Cost estimate with additional and new works done by the firm Omega engineering d.o.o. The decision of the additional works was brought after the consultations with all participants of the project and in accordance with the Conservation Department in Dubrovnik on the proposal stated in the main project to remove the fireplace beside the church. The firm Omega engineering asked for the expert opinion of the Conservation Department on 7th July and obtained their consent in writing on 27th July 2010.

Apart from the works on demolition the fireplace, the grouting of the "Curate's house" was done as well as the drainage and humidity insulation from the northern side of the church.

The works were finished on 30th October 2010.

The coordination of all participants in the renovation; the contractor, expert supervision, conservation service, restoration supervision, structural engineer and the analysis of reports was led by the architect Amalija Pavlić.

The concluded contracts:

The Contract of building no. 1395-1 of 20th October 2009 concluded with the contractor Dom izgradnja d.o.o. from Dubrovnik, The Contract no. 1409-9 of 4th March 2010 for testing the humidity percentage in the wooden beams of the roof construction with the firm D&Z d.o.o., The Contract for services of professional and design supervision on the works of the I phase with the firm Omega engineering d.o.o. on 23rd October 2009 lasting 120 days. Annex I to the Contract of executing the works of the I phase on the construction renewal of the church of the Holy Cross, no. of the Annex 1395-1/I, contracted on 11th August 2010 with the contractor Dom izgradnja d.o.o. from Dubrovnik for services of adjustment the Costs estimate on the expert and design supervision of additional and new works of the I phase of construction renewal, the Contract no. 1412-2.