Bassegli-Gozze palace,Bunić's Square 6
Bassegli-Gozze palace,Bunić's Square 6

The two-story palace was erected on the southeast corner of the large block beside Cathedral which developed ground plan outline was formed after the earthquake in 1667.

Apart from the existing square (Bunić's square) two more free spaces are formed here (Pred Dvorom and Gundulić's square). The palace's interior has the architectural value, good space organization but it also contains high-quality equipment of the Late Baroque period and its eastern facade probably finished in the period of Classicism belongs to the most representative facades of Dubrovnik's palaces.

The renovation includes the segment of eastern facade from the level of the second floor to the top of the object. The most severe damages of the eastern facade were done by a direct shell hit during the Homeland war. The eastern facade is a special structure of stone frames. Above the window parapet the walls continue along the south and north edges from the direction east-west and in the middle there is a stone column among the windows on the eastern facade. Above the windows there are moulded stone lintels. They are connected to the back side by cramps of wrought iron which were in a very bad state and caused breaking and falling out the parts of stone lintels. Above the stone flat lintel and flat tuff arch there is a stone cornice made of massive blocks.

The renovation included dismantling of stone cornice and all elements of stone frames as well as repair (or elaboration of new parts) and building-in with reinforcements by inox stretches anticipated by project. The restoration works were also done on the badly damaged stone coat of arms by Gozze family.

The renovation works were done during 2007 and 2008 on the basis of the project's documentation elaborated in 2007.